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The Dansco Service Experience

The Dansco service team has decades of experience repairing pumping units, from mainstream brands like American and Lufkin to obsolete brands like Whitaker and Morgan. We have the expertise to complete the job and the parts and equipment to get you pumping again quickly.

We offer specialized machining, inspection services, field repairs and shop repairs. We can also move your existing unit to a new location. Dansco has a full line of field equipment, from pole and bucket trucks to cranes and heavy haulers, so you can count on us to have the right tools for the job.

In The Shop

Dansco makes repairs in the shop as needed or requested, as certain jobs are more invasive and there are times when conditions in the field are not suitable for field repair. We can straighten beams, samson posts and pitman arms with our horizontal and vertical presses.

In The Field

We make as many repairs in the field as possible, utilizing our equipment and parts availability to correct the problem in just one trip and minimize your downtime. We can complete gear box repair, structural bearing repair and brake system repair on site, saving you time and money, quickly returning you to production.

For all repair rates email or call us toll free:


325-725-0157 Cell

Ask for Mitch Hall. He's our pumping unit salesman and he can help you determine which unit will best fit your needs.