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Jackie P Breeden

Jackie is one of Dansco’s longest-tenured team members, having joined the company in 1982 to help fabricate new Dansco pumping units. Jackie brings his eagerness to work and his positive attitude every day, something he learned at an early age. Jackie’s father impressed upon him how important it was for him to be able to take things apart, fix what was wrong and then put them back together. Jackie spent the better part of 5 decades perfecting those skills, repairing things from houses and cars to equipment and machinery. He owned a service station for a few years and worked at a local equipment rental facility for over a decade, but eventually came to Dansco after 3 years of requests from Danny. The two had known each other since a young age and worshiped together at Trinity Baptist Church since 1965 along with Jackie’s wife, Shirley Ann.

Jackie still enjoys coming to work at Dansco, even after 30+ years, and likes the busy pace and keeping everything organized and flowing smoothly. His work is still exciting to him, and he enjoys being able to do it and that it’s been a way of life for him. Jackie looks forward to staying busy, whether it’s in the Dansco shop or something his wife has hinted at wanting. “I just enjoy life,” he says with a grin on his face. “I get up expecting a good day.”

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