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Don Sibley

“Success is all about quality.” That’s a key phrase for Don, and it encompasses more than just his job description. Don graduated from Cross Plains High School in 1990 and studied business, physical education and audiology at Cisco Junior College and Abilene Christian University, so he was no stranger to the Abilene area. He met his wife Kim during the early 90’s, and their relationship drove his desire to find work closer to home. “She believed in me when nobody else did,” he says. “She’s the reason I am who I am.” Don began at Dansco in 1996 as a parts washer but soon progressed as a machinist in the machine shop, and although his responsibilities have increased over the years, it’s something he still loves.

Don’s hobbies are centered on his faith and his family, something he’s proud to bring to work with him every day. “Whatever the family is doing, that’s what I’m doing. Family really drives me…setting the right example,” he says. Don plays an active role in building a positive, Christian work environment for the Dansco team by helping to minister and guide team members when he is called upon. “It’s not about just making a quality product, it’s about making quality people too. We’re all products of our environment and we adapt to whatever is going on around us, so creating the right atmosphere at work is important.”

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