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Danny Faulks

Danny Faulks, President and Founder of Dansco Manufacturing, first began working on pumping units in 1972. A native of the Abilene area, Danny grew up just north of town and always wanted to tinker with different things. He worked for the county and a local salvage yard using and repairing equipment, which allowed him to hone his skills and fed his thirst for knowledge. He also learned something that he still carries with him today – you must care for what you have so you can live within your means. The oil crash of the 1980’s help solidify that as a core value, both for Dansco and for his family, and it’s how he still operates his company today. “The Lord’s been good to me,” he says.

Faith and family are the two most important things to Danny, and he actively participates in both on a daily basis. After years of training and working closely with his son DeWayne, he turned over most of the pumping unit repair responsibilities to him and moved in the office to focus on that side of the business. Even after 35 years in business, he firmly believes in the importance of setting the right example and helping others whenever he can. His faith has carried him to where he is, which he reflects back on often. “Everything we have is because of Him,” he says. “He has provided for us.”

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